Helping you improve your Ofsted judgment

Thank you for visiting my website. Please find below, a quick introduction to who I am and how I may be of assistance to you and your early years setting.

Improve Ofsted Judgment

Whether it's supporting your nursery post-inspection, helping you achieve your goals of becoming Outstanding or ensuring your nursery is working to your desired standards, I offer everything you need!

Owning a nursery

Owner and Management

Owning/Managing a nursery is such a challenging job. The industry changes so frequently and external pressures are always increasing. As owners and managers, you have a myriad of important tasks to complete while longing to be with the children.

I am a successful manager of an Outstanding nursery with years of experience in the education sector and I am in exactly the same position. As such, I feel I can help you achieve the heights of success you want, while being realistic about the time and resources you have. We can discuss all the areas you want assistance with. I can show you how I can help you in these areas so that you have effective and efficient processes that free you up to be more like the manager you want to be. Whether it is paperwork requirements, staff issues, complaints, Ofsted, GDPR, teaching and learning, assessment etc, it is crucial to know that your practice is the best it can be!

Ofsted inspection

Quality Improvement

Expecting Ofsted? Find out where your setting sits with an inspection just like the real thing. I will grade your setting against the exact criteria Ofsted use, and give you feedback that will enable you to address concerns and empower your staff teams to really showcase their practice when the day comes!

Ofsted consultancy

Tailored Consultancy

I will skilfully identify your strengths and areas for improvement, and work with you and your team to close gaps and bring out the best in your everyday practice. We will work together to establish areas of the nursery that are most important to you, or perhaps need the most development.

Ofsted best practive

Bespoke Training

Have you identified an area that you feel needs additional focus? Do your staff need to be brought up to date on current best practice? Are you getting the most out of your supervisions and appraisals? Do your staff need guidance on their planning, assessment, teaching and learning, observations or maybe confidence answering questions to an Ofsted inspector? I can help meet your needs.

Ofsted improvement


I know that inspections sometimes do not go the way you'd hoped and intended. Sometimes it can be just bad luck! If you've received a judgement you are disappointed by, I can quickly get you back on the road to Outstanding. This will be done in a sensitive manner, appreciative of the effect recent rigours of an inspection would have had on your staff.

Ofsted policies

Policies and

Paperwork! A necessary evil in an industry where we would all like more time to be spent with the children. I can provide an audit of your systems and ensure you have an efficient process at work. I can provide policies that reflect the practices of Outstanding nurseries so you don’t have to rewrite, or write from scratch!

As an example of how quickly and painlessly things can turn around, in 2018, I assisted a wonderful nursery in Lancashire move from ‘Requires Improvement’ to ‘Outstanding’.

About me

Shaun Wilson

My name is Shaun Wilson and I am the manager of an ‘Outstanding’ Nursery school in Lancashire. My experience includes many years working in Early Years, Primary Schools and Adult Education. In this time, I have seen the highs of great successes in education and the personal disappointment when things have not gone to plan professionally. I have used these experiences to shape who I am and how I operate. I have worked directly with children, managed teams of people, and worked with other agencies and professionals including Local Authorities. Perhaps most importantly, I know every aspect of what nurseries need to be successful, and I can help you achieve your desired success, in the most relaxed, pressure free way you will have experienced.

Why do I think that is important and how am I different from the 100s of other consultants?

I have worked with many excellent consultants down the years. Some independent and some through Local Authorities.

There are many experts and individual qualities available to you. Whatever your current circumstances I believe I can really make a difference to your nursery. Meeting with advisors can be daunting at times and panic can set in about whether you have the ‘right’ paperwork, the ‘right’ approach or whether staff are doing the ‘right’ things. That’s only natural.

You will quite often already have an idea of what to improve – but are maybe unsure how to do it? If you are not sure, I can help by using your Ofsted report or through my own observations. I will do all of this with no prior assumptions and no qualms about where your starting point is. I won’t just ‘advise’ you on what you need to do. I will help you do it! I will give your manager(s) the tools to confidently lead the nursery day to day, and through an inspection. I will help your staff work effectively with their children and ensure their subject knowledge is where it needs to be.

I want childcare settings to aim for excellence, impact positively on the lives of children, be successful and sustainable.

I continue to manage a successful nursery and want to help other nurseries succeed while I do this. We are not competitors; we are all in the business of trying to achieve the same thing with the children of the UK.


We contacted Shaun in the build up to an Ofsted inspection that was due in the coming months. After some initial conversations via email and looking at the services Shaun provides, we decided to have a 'mock inspection' with follow up guidance/action plans. Shaun held a pre-inspection phone call with our nursery manager and carried out a thorough inspection of the nursery. He met with staff/management and observed all aspects of the nursery you would expect to see covered by Ofsted. Everything was carried out in a very constructive and informative manner. Shaun prides himself on helping nurseries in a relaxed but effective way. He confirmed our strengths and was able to assist in areas for development. A follow up action plan was sent to us shortly after and I was able to contact him further when needed. As a staff team, we felt well informed and we were keen to show Ofsted all about our nursery. A few months later we were delighted to achieve an 'Outstanding Judgement'. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Shaun again.

Jasmine, Nursery Owner, Rossendale.